A legend in toys

Schuco has sold over 100 million toys since it was founded more than 100 years ago. Today, in addition to being a popular addition to children’s bedrooms, many of its treasured toys are kept as valuable collector’s items in glass cabinets.


Brand philosophy

Detail and quality

Schuco produced its first toy cars in the middle of the 1930s, which featured revolutionary technology, quality, workmanship and functions. Some of these models, for which countless numbers of patents were registered, are once again available as part of Schuco’s product range. The faithfully reproduced models and toys are still made almost exclusively by hand.

Schuco is synonymous with:

  • Quality
    Schuco is a reputable premium collector’s brand known for its highly detailed designs and premium quality.
  • Variety
    Schuco produces models in a wide range of scales from 1:12 to 1:600. These include the Silver Arrow, the latest Porsche Turbo, modern and classic tractors, classic motorcycles and a 1:72 scale model of the legendary DO-X flying boat. Thanks to the variety of scales, the Schuco range is very diverse and offers models in many different sizes. The selection of models and intricately detailed designs make for a varied and interesting range.
  • Tradition
    Schuco is characterized by its long-standing tradition, distinguished brand and diverse range, and is one of the sector’s leading manufacturers.


Schuco’s corporate history

  1. The businessman Heinrich Schreyer founds the toy company “Schreyer und Co.” with the toolmaker Heinrich Müller in Nuremberg. Together, they develop tin toy models.
  2. Walking “Tipp-Tapp dogs” become a small sensation in the toy market.
  3. The marching “Automato” figure is launched, which served as a model for the first toy robots 50 years later.
  4. Müller continues to invent pioneering mechanisms and registers numerous patents – such as the “Acrobato”, a tin artist that does somersaults.
  5. The first miniature cars appear, the legendary “Wende-Auto” (Turning car) and the Mercedes “Silver Arrow”, known as Schuco Studio models.
  6. Mid-1950s: Die-cast metal and plastic take the toy market by storm.
  7. The company files for bankruptcy. This is followed by several changes of ownership.
  8. Brand repositioning with numerous new developments.
  9. Schuco is acquired by the SIMBA DICKIE GROUP. Since 1999: Schuco specializes in the production of die-cast models and reclaims its status as a standard-bearer for the sector.
  10. The range is expanded to include 1:18 scale models.
  11. 1:32 scale models of agricultural machinery are added to the range.
  12. Schuco celebrates its 100th anniversary.
  13. The “PRO.R32” small-series model range is launched.
  14. The range is expanded to include 1:64 scale models and the “PRO.R18” small-series model range.
  15. The 1:87 scale “Military” range is launched.

Design and development

Tradition and innovation

Thanks to our close collaboration with the automotive industry, our range also includes a variety of modern vehicles to complement our vintage models. Schuco invests in new designs every year in order to offer collectors a diverse and interesting selection of detailed models.




The majority of Schuco models are still crafted by hand using meticulous and elaborate techniques. The models are produced in China and Hungary, among other places. All Schuco products undergo numerous internal and external quality checks prior to customer delivery.

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